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Your Gift Tips

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Gently Used Baby Shower Gifts 
I recently had a baby and found asking for hand-me-downs or second-hand gifts was definitely the way to go. There are sooo many gently used baby items …

Practical Joke Gift Box to Play on Kids 
One of the simplest and fun practical joke gift ideas is to get about 5-10 boxes that are just a little smaller than each other. The catch is you have …

Give Services to Avoid Clutter 
These days, people want useful gifts that save money and enhance their lives, not clutter their houses. Give services, not trinkets. Consider giving …

Always give others something you'd love to receive yourself! Not rated yet
Whenever I am not sure what to get for someone, I always think about something I would like. Usually, something comes to mind!

Give Wine Not rated yet
I like to give wine because most people enjoy receiving a nice bottle. Also, it's super easy for them to re-gift if they don't end up wanting it.

Keep a Gift List Not rated yet
Every time you think of a good gift for someone, write it down on your gift list. It can be a piece of paper in a drawer, or a part of your contact management …

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