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Your guide to great free gifts! Want to give them something thoughtful that won't cost you anything? Read more to find out.

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It's hard to believe, but some of the best gifts don't cost you anything. No matter what the occasion, they'll always bring a smile.

Here are some simple free gifts most people overlook:

Spend time with them

The best gift is the gift of you. You don't have to spend a single penny. Just being there is a great gift. Give them the gift of you by:

  • watching the game
  • siting with them on the porch
  • keeping them company on their errands

Exercise with them

With all of the stresses in life, it's important to blow off steam. Give them the gift of exercise. You'll both feel great and you get to spend quality time together. Ideas include:

  • long walk
  • bike ride
  • trip to gym
  • rock climbing
  • rowing

Play with them

For the more active or competitive people in your life, challenge them to their favorite game. They'll enjoy the competition and the time they get to spend with you. Ask them to:baseball glove

  • game of tennis
  • round of golf
  • toss the football / softball
  • play board game
  • horseshoes / other lawn games

Contact them

If you can't be there in person, reach out and contact them. They'll appreciate your interest and will enjoy the conversation. Just send them:

  • handwritten letter
  • phone call

Emails are OK, but not quite as personal. Try sending an email, then following it with a phone call.

Give your time, talents, and skills

Everyone has special talents, abilities, hobbies, and passions. Some of the best free gifts come from sharing these talents with others. For example, you could:

  • babysit for them
  • tutor their child
  • teach them to bake
  • teach them how to fish
  • offer yardcare
  • help them grow a garden
    • give them sprouts / runners from your plants
  • weed their garden
  • play music for them at a party
  • help them plan a party

Use your creativity

Use your creativity to make them a gift that's unique and personal. This may take a little more thought, but it'll be worth it when they see your great free gift. You could:

  • make them a gift or card
  • write them a poem
  • put on a play
  • write them a song
  • draw or paint them a picture with a special meaning

Give digital gifts

Electronic gifts are great - they don't take up space on the bookshelf and some don't cost a thing. Cosider giving them:

  • e-card
  • Facebook gifts
  • free e-book (find great free books at project gutenberg)
  • free music
  • funny video / picture
  • free operating system
    • install user-friendly Linux OS on one of their old computers

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