Practical Joke Gift Box to Play on Kids

by Matthew Moran
(Villa Park CA)

One of the simplest and fun practical joke gift ideas is to get about 5-10 boxes that are just a little smaller than each other.

The catch is you have to buy a small gift and put it in the smallest box and wrap it. Next put the wrapped gift in the next smallest box and wrap that too. Do this same process 5-10 times. With children it is fun because they get to unwrap several boxes in this one gift and it is fun for you especially when you get them clothes.

So after unwrapping 5 or so boxes they end up with clothes, or even funnier, if there is nothing in the last box it is comedy. As a side note you should have a cool gift behind your back to give them after they see the clothes or empty box.

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Dec 09, 2010
the top of the smallest lid...
by: Dess

This is always great fun to watch - and amusing for adults too. Another fun option is to tape note to the inside of the smallest box, telling them where to go in the house to find their real gift.

For adults, a scratch off ticket or a gift card can also be taped to the lid for that 'an empty box???' look, and a then nice surprise :)

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