Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Short on time? No problem! These easy homemade gift ideas are ready in a jiffy and will make the occasion memorable.

Why did we write this article? Because making your own gifts doesn't have to take special skills or training. You can make great gifts quickly and easily.

Check out these easy homemade gift ideas that just about anyone can make!

Homemade Gifts in a Jar

Learn how to put together quick fun gifts for an affordable price...often without even having to go to the store!

Mason jars make great containers for gifts. They colorfully display the contents, and they're very useful to re-use around the house.

When you give them your homemade jar gift...they'll pop their lid!

jar giftLearn How to Make Affordable, Creative, Useful Gifts in a Jar!

Make fun, colorful jar gifts for any occasion! Think of it as an "alternative gift basket." Click for more easy jar gift ideas.

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No-Sew Gifts

What's a no-sew gift? They're gifts you would normally sew, but now you don't have to!

Learn how to put together creative blankets and more without ever having to lift a needle and thread.

fleece tie blanketFleece Tie Blanket

If you can tie a knot, you can make a blanket! These colorful fleece tie blankets will keep them warm while they think of you.

fleeceFleece Park Poncho

This 5-minute craft will keep off the chill while they sit on the porch. Learn how to make a thoughtful, personalized fleece poncho in a few simple steps.

sachetNo-Sew Sachet

These fragrant fresheners come together in a snap! Learn how to make affordable no-sew sachets they'll love!

fleece pillowNo-Sew Fleece Pillow

This soft fleece pillow is easy and fun to make. You could try using fleece scraps that:

  • match their bedspread
  • show their team spirit
  • add holiday decoration

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Pen / Pencil Gifts

beadsBeaded Pen / Pencil Wraps

Spice up the every-day tasks. These personalized pen wraps are great for an office or back to school gift.

flower penFlower Pen

They're quick, easy, and make you smile every time you write. These flower pens are great for gardeners and nature-lovers. Make one in 5 minutes by following this guide.

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Bath Gifts

basketBath Oil

Learn how to make homemade bath oil gifts at a fraction of the cost! These relaxing oils will nourish their skin and relieve their stress.

bath saltsBath Salts

Help improve their bathing experience with these natural mineral bath salts. Learn how to make them yourself for an affordable, personalized gift.

bubble bathBubble Bath

Does your friend or ralative enjoy a nice, hot bath to relax and unwind? Give the gift of bubbles! Kids love them, too!

salt scrubSalt Scrub

For those with less-sensitive skin, salt scrubs make an easy homemade gift. These simple salt scrub recipes will leave them with glowing skin.

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This fun photographic process makes instant art at an affordable price. Learn more by reading this article.

potpourriDried Flowers / Potpouri

These fragrant gifts will fill the room with smells of spring and spice. Learn how to easily make your own potpouri gifts.

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More Easy Homemade Gifts

After reading this article, you should have a few easy homemade gift ideas ready for any occasion. Why stop there? We have tons more great homemade gift ideas worth a look!

Share Your Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

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