Free Gift Ideas

Gifts don't have to be expensive. In fact, some gifts are absolutely free! These free gift ideas will warm their heart (and save your wallet!).

You've heard the phrase "the best gifts in life are free." Well it's true! These heart-felt gifts will only cost you time.

Free gifts are often the best gifts. Why? It's the giving and receiving that's important, not the gift itself.

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They'll love your gift of art through words. Make them feel special with a personally crafted poetry gift. Just put on your thinking caps and follow one of these guides.

drawingGrandma Poems

Poems for your grandma are a gift from the heart that she will treasure for years to come. Learn how to write great grandma poems!

Use the same ideas to write poetry for Mom, Dad, or any other relatives. they'll love it, too!

The Little Things

It's the little things in life that count - and they're often free! These simple free gifts are some of the best gifts of all!

drawingThoughtful Free Gifts

These little gifts can go a long way, but are often overlooked. Treat them with a free gift you'll both appreciate.

Homemade Gift Certificates

Save those recyclable materials to make personalized gift certifactes for free!

drawingHomemade Gift Certificates

Homemade gift certificates are a great way to offer your talents. Whether it's brownies by mail or a free lawn touch-up, gift certificates are a great way to give and share.

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