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No ideas for Christmas 
One Christmas I had absolutely no idea what to get my family members. And the thought of braving the malls did nothing for my inspiration. I had the …

Simple Christmas 
A friend of mine started a new gift-giving tradition in her family. Instead of giving her children a million and one presents for Christmas, she decided …

Heart-Warming and Thoughtful 
As our family got to be older, we all decided that Christmas was not just for getting gifts that we really do not need. So, our family has decided to put …

Nothing Says "Love" like an Iron and Ironing Board 
That's how the handwritten card started...which was sitting right next to a brand new iron and ironing board - a surprise that my girlfriend left for me …

My Birthday Gift Not rated yet
It was my birthday. I awoke that morning feeling rather indifferent about it being MY day. We generally seem to focus on ourselves on our birthdays, don't …

Gifts and Memories from my Grandmother Not rated yet
When I was eleven or twelve, my beloved grandmother gave me a dainty amethyst pendant for Christmas. A few years later, she gave me a small ruby ring …

The Gift of Giving Not rated yet
One year, my parents gave each of us kids money to give to a charity of our choosing. They gave us each a card with instructions and a check with a …

Skydiving - What a Rush! Not rated yet
I'm a bit of a thrillseeker. I love fast cars, boats, and motorcycles. I almost lost it when my girlfriend bought us both a skydiving experience for my …

The Gift of Sun and Surfing! Not rated yet
My girlfriend's athletic and loves the outdoors. For her birthday, I bought her flowers, took her out to dinner, and gave her gift certificates for surfing …

Homemade Chicken Soup for Friends with Colds Not rated yet
When my friends or family are sick, I like to bring them homemade chicken noodle soup. It warms them up and makes them feel at home. Plus, you get to see …

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