10 Tips for Choosing Thoughtful, Unique Gifts for Women

Learn how to give unique gifts for women using these 10 easy tips. She’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness and will remember your gift with a smile!

Enjoy these 10 tips for giving thoughtful, unique gifts for women:red gift box

  1. Spend Time Together
  2. Give Her Time for Herself
  3. Share Your Hospitality
  4. Support Her Hobbies
  5. Encourage New Hobbies!
  6. Make Her a Gift
  7. Give Quality Jewelry She'll Actually Wear
  8. Give Her Food She’ll Enjoy
  9. Let Her Relax and Get Pampered
  10. Help Her Improve Her Home

Spend Time Together

Give her your time, happily and freely. Listen to her. Appreciate her. She’ll love the gift of you.

Spend time with her on her birthday and give her a nice homemade card. But you don’t have to wait for a special occasion – there’s no bad time to grow your friendship!

You can:

  • Meet for coffee
  • Schedule lunch out with all her friends
  • Schedule a regular afternoon together (say, once a month)
  • Schedule activities
    • Long nature walk
    • Yoga trial membership
    • Bike ride
  • Buy 2 of the same book together and schedule times to meet up and talk about it

Give Her Time for Herself

Most women stay busy with their day-to-day activities. She may have to balance:

  • School
  • Family
  • Work
  • Social Activities
  • Volunteer Work
  • …and often more!

Give her some time for herself. She’ll appreciate the break from the daily grind, particularly if it’s a luxury she wouldn’t normally pay for herself.

Consider giving:

  • book / music store gift certificate
  • tickets to an event of their choice (classical music to basketball)
  • registration / gift certificate to workshop
    • 2-day quilting class
    • Flower arranging workshop
    • Drawing classes
    • Etc.

Share Your Hospitality

Invite her friends, family, or even just her over to your house for:

  • Lunch
  • Tea party
  • Cocktails
  • Watch the football game and eat appetizers

She can enjoy someone else’s food, cleaning, and hospitality. Plus, she gets to spend time with people she loves and cares about.

Support Her Hobbies

Show that you care about her passions.

If you don’t know her hobbies, ask her what she does for fun. People love to talk about their hobbies! She might tell you about:

gardening tools
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Insect collecting
  • Spelunking
  • Who knows!

If you’re not sure, ask her friends and family. They’ll be happy to help someone they care about. Once you know her hobby, find out:

  • Does she need more supplies for her hobbies?
  • Does she have any old equipment that needs to be replaced?
  • Can you share her hobby? (schedule time to garden, hike, etc.)

Encourage New Hobbies!

Spice up her life with something fun and interesting! Inspire a new hobby and she’ll never forget your gift. Even if she doesn’t become an enthusiast, it’s fun and exciting to try new things!

Ask her to join you in your hobby. Who knows, she may end up loving it!

Or, ask her to join you in trying a new hobby. You can often find crash courses or trial workshops for:

  • Craft making
  • Drawing
  • Woodworking
  • Knitting
  • Etc.

Help her start a new collection, particularly if she has expertise in a certain area.

Make Her a Gift

Homemade gifts are often less expensive and more meaningful than items you buy in a store. She’ll appreciate the time and attention that went into making a thoughtful homemade gift.

Learn how to make easy, affordable homemade gifts – check out our homemade gift section.

Give Quality Jewelry She'll Actually Wear

Jewelry makes a great gift for women, but picking out something can be challenging.

With all of the available styles, materials, and price ranges where do you start? Try start with our gift guide: how to give jewelry they’ll actually wear.

Give Her Food She’ll Enjoy

Food makes a great gift. The key is knowing what her favorites are. Ask her friends or family if you’re not sure.

Also, take dietary concerns into account. Some women may not appreciate foods high in fat, sugar, or salt because they like to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Great food gifs for her include:

  • Food for her family
    • Box of easy, healthy, convenient foods for quick bites
    • Box of ready-made or you cook meals
  • Make her dinner
  • Favorite food, drink, candy
  • Deliver her lunch from her favorite deli
  • Coffee from her favorite coffee shop
  • Small box of her favorite candy
  • (you get the idea)

Let Her Relax and Get Pampered

Life can be stressful! Give her the gift of relaxation and pampering. She deserves it!

girl in spa


  • Spa (could be shared!)
  • Massage
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Favorite hair salon
  • Night in a bed & breakfast

Relaxing bath products can also make her feel pampered, such as:

  • Scented bath salts / oils
  • Lotion
  • Body wash
  • Sugar / salt rub

Other stress-relieving gifts include:

  • White noise sleep machine
  • Luxurious, soft bath robe or towel
  • Pedi stone for feet
  • Aromatherapy candles

Help Her Improve Her Home

She’ll appreciate a little help around the house. Either volunteer your time and abilities or give her a gift card.

She’ll see the improvements to her house and think of you. Ideas include:

  • Gift certificate to a home improvement store, bath store, etc.
  • Schedule times to help in her garden
    • Give her plants from your garden
  • Gift certificate for a lawn treatment
  • Fix her side gate
  • Touch up the paint on her house

More Unique Gifts for Women

Hopefully after reading this article you have a few unique gifts for women in your life. Read reviews of more gift ideas for women, submitted by gift-givers like you!

Or, post a question about gifts for women and start a fun discussion that helps everyone.

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