The Gift of Sun and Surfing!

by Justin

My girlfriend's athletic and loves the outdoors. For her birthday, I bought her flowers, took her out to dinner, and gave her gift certificates for surfing lessons for 2!

Neither of us had been surfing before, and it was fun trying something new!

Getting there was an experience in itself - driving up and down the streets of a sleepy beach town, finding an old surf shack.

The weather and waves were beautiful. We both had a blast!

OK, so I admit that I had a lot more fun than she did.

I popped right up on the board and caught my first wave in. By the end of the day, I was getting comfortable walking on my board to catch a longer ride.

My girlfriend, on the other hand, did not get up on the board a single time. She was constantly wiping out.

I stayed around my GF, encouraging her and helping her as best I could.

So here's where the experience starts to go a little south.

After awhile, at my instructor's suggestion I left the group to catch some waves and enjoy myself. I was a little over my head, but it was fun.

My GF tried to paddle out to find me (who knows why...guess she wanted to say hi). By then, I was already back at shore. She got caught in front of the break and was hit by wave after wave...almost exhausted herself getting back to shore.

She said she still enjoyed it, but I felt pretty bad.

I would recommend this gift, but stick with your girlfriend the whole time. Even if she falls every time, at least you spend a nice day together and she doesn't get eaten up by giant waves while trying to find you!

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