Vacuum Marinator

by Lindsey

I have a boyfriend that loves bbq -- he smokes meat all the time (and it's delicious!), imports bbq sauce and rubs from all over the US. You might call it a passion of his. So I wanted to get him something that he didn't already have, and that was not an easy thing to do.

By pure luck, I stumbled across the vacuum marinator. This way he could do some quick marinating instead of having to let the meat or chicken sit for hours (or overnight) in the marinade or brine before grilling or smoking it. Plus it was rather expensive and I knew it was something he would never buy for himself because he'd think it was too extravagant to buy for himself (I think it was around $350-400).

I got it for a gift for him one year and he loves it. And it's the type of gift that keeps on giving because I get to eat that much more of his tasty bbq!

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