Thoughtful Gifts

by Drue

All gifts from my students and their parents are special because they come from the heart! Many years ago a student came to me with a Christmas envelope. Inside was a card stating that their family had chosen a needy family to donate Christmas food and gifts and it was done in my name. It made me feel so good knowing that a family that needed help was getting it because of the generosity of my student's family.

Another gift was a gift card entitling my family to come to their small family restaurant for a meal. We went one week night and my little fourth grade student even helped serve the meal!

A recent gift that I'm STILL enjoying is a Vera Bradley tote bag. It came at the end of the year from my whole class. Inside was a clipboard with all of the kids' signatures on it! They see me in the hallways now and can remember giving it to me and know that I'm still enjoying taking my work back and forth to school in it!

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