by Lindsey

My first foray into post-impressionism

My first foray into post-impressionism

I recently started taking a painting class, and aside from loving it for itself, it's also added an avenue for me to make really nice gifts for people. I've been learning to paint in a lot of different styles and now my "practice pieces" have turned out to be really great gifts for loved ones too---a double bonus.

I've been really surprised by how many friends and family members would love to have one of my paintings--they really like hand-made art--and I just thought they were "practice pieces" that I was going to put in the closet. It's not only really flattering to me, but a great way to share a little bit of your creativity with those that you love. Here are a couple below.

So if there is any craft or art you like to do, reach out to your friends and family, they may really want one of the fruits of your creative labors.

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