Homemade Creative Gift Ideas

Looking for homemade creative gift ideas? You came to the right place! These guides, tips, and easy instructions will help you make a gift that's thoughtful, and inexpensive.

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Do you want to give them a unique homemade gift? Personalized gifts are very popular because they add thoughtfulness and character to the gift. Almost any item can be personalized. Just add their name or a thoughtful message.

Here are a few examples of homemade gifts you can personalize to their liking:

collageMessage / Picture Board

This personalized board is great for holding messages, notes, and pictures. Customize it and make your own with these step by step instructions.

message soapSoap with a Message Inside

Give them a personalized message in every wash! These soap gifts are a perfect way to keep your friends and loved ones clean.

calendarPersonalized Calendar

Personalized calendars make great gifts - expecially at the start of a new year. They can be kept online, printed on your home printer, or professionally printed for a great look. You can add photos and birthdays, as well as favorite holidays. This article shows you how to make your own.

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Are you looking for a homemade gift for that creative friend? They will often appreciate a homemade gift more than a store-bought gift because they know it requires lots of thought and personality. Here are a few crafty homemade gifts they'll enjoy:

shellSea Shell Candle

With a little creativity, this attractive sea shell candle makes a great gift. They'll love this fun addition to their home decor.

pencilsCraft Kit

Why not put together an emergency craft kit. Great for rainy days or the crafty person in your life. Give a craft kit and watch their imagination run wild! If you like, you can even schedule a time to share the fun!


Click here for some fun and easy homemade potpourri recipes. Put your smell-good-gift in a satchel, bowl, or jar. Find out how.

kiteMake a Kite

Perfect for kids or parents - make a colorful kite gift that they will love. This build your own kite site has everything you need to get up in the air!


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Homemade Gift Wrapping

ribbonHomemade Gift Wrap

If you're giving someone an amazing homemade gift, don't wrap it with ordinary wrapping paper! These creative gift wrapping ideas will add a special touch and save you money.

gift tagHomemade Gift Tag

Spruce up your gift with a fun homemade gift tag. Save money and add a personal touch with these free printable tag templates and ideas.

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More Great Homemade Creative Gift Ideas

So no you've got a few easy homemade gift ideas ready for any occasion. Why stop there? We have tons more great homemade gift ideas.

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