Graduation Gift Ideas They'll Love!

Celebrate their achievement and wish them all the best! These graduation gift ideas will put you on the right track for those hard-to-decide high school or college graduation gifts.


Before you start, learn when to give, what’s appropriate, and get tips on thank-you cards. Read our graduation gift guide: Graduation Gifts – Who, What, How

What should I give?

Well that depends on your relationship with the graduate.

Cash or flowers are common, but not always the right gift. To read more, check out cash or flowers under graduation gift basics.

Common big-ticket items from parents / grandparents. Include:

  • vacation / travel
  • computer
  • car
  • stock / CD
  • cellphone with paid plan
  • TV, DVD player, iPod, etc.
  • furniture / major appliances

But these are not expected or necessarily considered the best gifts to give - just common ones.  Often, you can give a more meaningful gift that will last a long time and be used frequently.


Think about:


Pre-Graduation Memories

Give gifts related to memories of high school or college experiences. These can include:

  • framed pictures
  • address book filled with friends’ info
  • photo album


Remembering the Graduation

They will remember their achievement forever with these gifts, including:

  • engraved jewelry
  • gold coin or other collectible with graduation year
  • personalized graduation items
    • tassels, cap, shoes to wear under the gown, diploma frame, etc.
  • photo album / framed pictures of graduation ceremony and party

smiling grads

Best Wishes in Your Future Career!

Give them something they can use in the long-run in their new career, such as:

  • desk set
  • office chair
  • high-quality pen
  • organizer / planner
  • desk accessories
  • book about future field


Best Wishes in Your Future Living!

Give them something they can use in their new life that will last.

Going to a dorm? Try:

  • coffee maker
  • laundry basket filled with everything needed to do laundry (including instructions!)
  • storage trunk
  • digital recorder / recorder pen for lectures
  • thumb drive
  • iron
  • gift card to Target, Walmart, or Ikea
  • phone card


Going to a new house / apartment? How about:

  • basic tool box
  • sheets
  • self-help books (especially cooking, cleaning, home repair)
  • gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • stereo
  • printer


Now that you have a few ideas...go find that graduation gift!

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