Beer-of-the-Month membership

by Lindsey

I've actually given this to both my boyfriend and my secretary (she loves micro-brews). Basically, it's a pre-paid membership that ships beer to your friend on a monthly, quarterly or seasonal basis. There are different options---like micro-brews, lagers, etc. depending on which company you pick. It's great too because they get reminders of your xmas or birthday gift throughout the year.

You can also do the same thing with wine, flowers, chocolates or meat (really, I've seen bacon and sausage of the month clubs). Also, if you really like a particular winery (I loooove Hess in California), you can sign up for their wine clubs and they send you a certain number of bottles each month depending on the club. I get a bottle of white and red wine every month or so from Hess. I imagine you can give such wine club memberships as gifts too.

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